Tracy Barash ’89

Tracy BarashWhen Tracy Barash ’89 became a member of the Syracuse University Alumni Association Board (SUAA) in 2010, she brought a wealth of brand-building expertise that guides the board in helping University programs reach new audiences. In the Atlanta area, Barash’s membership on the SU Atlanta Regional Council allows her to more actively spread the word about SU, offer guidance in alumni programming, and be involved in recruiting efforts to continue building SU’s presence in the city.

“SU has provided me with many opportunities, from the friendships I’ve made to the networking that I’ve been able to do with other alumni,” Barash says. “As the university continues to expand its footprint in the Atlanta area, I want to be able to connect with former classmates and assist new grads with their career aspirations in coming to the city.”

Originally from Montville, New Jersey, Barash earned a degree in marketing management from SU’s Whitman School of Management. She worked in entry-level marketing positions in New York City for a few years before completing her MBA in marketing from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University in Atlanta. From there Barash continued her marketing career in a variety of businesses from product development, to licensing, to brand management, encompassing industries such as consumer durables, consumer packaged goods, and entertainment. She worked in various parts of the country too, for companies such as Diageo in Miami and Warner Bros. in Los Angeles.

Today Barash is the vice president of brand development for Turner Broadcasting’s Animation, Young Adults & Kids Media group, overseeing Cartoon Network’s overall brand health. She credits SU for providing a foundation of classroom learning and life experiences that helped shape her career and who she is as a person.

“Syracuse opened a lot of doors for me both personally and professionally. Networking with alumni has led to job opportunities that probably wouldn’t have come about if it weren’t for the SU connection,” she says. “As a member of the SU Atlanta Regional Council and SUAA Board, I’ve connected with many alums in a professional capacity who I now consider friends. Additionally, the friends I have from my time as a student are some of my closest, even 20-plus years since graduation.”

More than anything, Barash appreciates the sense of community that exists with other SU grads. “I’ve lived all over the U.S., and whenever I see someone with an SU shirt I can easily start up a conversation, knowing we have something positive in common,” she says.

Barash believes staying involved with SU can continue to enrich one’s life long after graduation, and in a city that’s welcoming more and more Orange grads, using shared connections and enthusiasm for the University can only benefit the SU Atlanta community as a whole. It’s also why she supports the University.

“The value of your SU degree is only further enhanced by the success of those who ‘follow in your footsteps,’” she says. “You never know how your contribution of time and money can help put the next great leader on a path to success.”