Miko Horn ’95

Miko HornAs the national tour director for the Allan Houston Legacy Foundation (AHLF), Miko Horn ’95 combines her passion for sports with her fondness for helping others.

Established in 2001 by the former NBA All-Star and current assistant general manager of the New York Knicks, the AHLF strives to restore strong family units, enhance spiritual growth, encourage education and skill development, and foster economic empowerment—all through original programs in fatherhood and entrepreneurship.

Horn leads planning and execution of the “Father Knows Best” Basketball Retreat, FISLL Curriculum, and other organizational events. She’s also responsible for itinerary/team management, partner/sponsor relations, participant registration, speaker and performance booking, celebrity and athlete participation, coach recruitment, and vendor procurement.

Originally from Elyria, Ohio, a small town near Cleveland, Horn knew she wanted to attend college out of state. She visited Syracuse University for Minority Spring Weekend and fell in love with the school. “The campus was beautiful, the students were friendly, and even as a senior in high school visiting for the first time, I felt right at home,” she says.

After earning a policy studies degree, Horn started her career in social services. She moved to Long Island, New York, and began working as a special events associate at the Long Island Fund for Women and Girls. At the same time, she began volunteering for sporting events ranging from youth days, to golf tournaments, to celebrity basketball games.

Horn has served as a consultant or volunteer for nearly 30 athletic charity events over the past eight years, and her community engagement led her to the AHLF in 2006. “One of my friends at the time knew the executive director of the AHLF and became aware of a temporary position. I applied for the job and was hired as an event coordinator for the annual ‘Father Knows Best’ Basketball Retreat,” Horn says. “I thoroughly enjoyed the project and assisted the rest of the staff in executing a memorable event. Afterward, I joined the team part time and eventually obtained a full-time position. It’s been an incredible seven years working with Allan and the Foundation team on a number of impactful projects within the communities we’ve served.”

While her SU experience has impacted Horn in many ways over the past 18 years, she says working in the sports industry as an SU alum is particularly exciting. “I’ve met and interacted with many team and league executives, alumni, athletes, and noted figures who bleed orange, and that excitement is always the same when we realize the connection. It’s also been a lot of fun dealing with professional athletes who attended other schools. There’s always rival banter, and we know they all secretly wished they attended Syracuse!”

As someone who knows the importance of community engagement, Horn is grateful for the relationships and instant connections she has with fellow SU alums. “No matter where you are or what industry you work in, there’s always someone near who bleeds orange as you do. Staying connected with local alumni is also key to keep you updated on happenings around campus and ways you can support activities in your area,” she says. “You never know when you’ll need to pick up the phone and contact an alum about a new career opportunity or something else. It’s great to be affiliated with the SU brand. There’s nothing like it!