Kathryn Stone L’07

Kathryn StoneFor Kathryn Stone L’07, the diploma hanging on her office wall serves as a proud, daily reminder of how Syracuse University’s College of Law laid the foundation for her legal career. “Our rigorous course of study tested my analytical, writing, and time-management skills, but also developed my curiosity and sense of community,” Stone says. “I’m very thankful for the experience.”

The Atlanta resident started her career at a boutique litigation firm. From there, she moved to the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, a hospitality trade group whose members own nearly half the hotels in the United States. Stone served as managing attorney and director of internal governance, and became chief of staff last year.

Her most valuable takeaway from Syracuse was the realization that professional success isn’t the result of a zero-sum game. “We can help each other in our professional pursuits and all succeed—that’s a lesson my classmates taught me and the SU alumni community reminds me each year,” Stone says.

Now, as alumni club president, Stone is committed to keeping Atlanta’s robust alumni network thriving. “I serve alongside a great team of fellow club board members, and through their hard work, I’ve had the opportunity to advise incoming students and further develop our local alumni community,” she says. “Atlanta’s club has been great, offering meet-ups and events all over town throughout the year. Every time I go to the holiday mixer, watch a game at the Hudson Grille, or sip an Orangetini at the end-of-summer cocktail party, I’m thankful to be here where we have such a large network.”

In the spirit of helping each other succeed, Stone also supports the next generation of Syracuse students. “At the end of last summer, I met some incoming freshmen of the Class of 2020 during the New Student Send-Off. I’m proud to have the opportunity to make the Syracuse experience possible for new undergraduates and law students like myself,” she says.