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Chris Bray ā€™00, Gā€™01

Chris BrayChris Bray ’00, G’01 is happily settled in Atlanta, but Syracuse will always feel like home. “Growing up in central New York, I lived and died with the basketball team—from tears in 1987 to the joy of winning it all in 2003,” he says. “Attending Syracuse University gave me so many great opportunities, and having the ability to grow SU in Atlanta and expand both the University’s network and my own is very important to me.”

Since graduating from the Whitman School of Management with bachelors and masters degrees in accounting, Bray has enjoyed a rewarding career at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which began in the company’s Syracuse office. Bray transferred to the Atlanta office in 2005, where he’s an assurance senior manager working in PwC’s Private Company Services practice. 

Bray’s career has taken him all over the United States and Europe, introduced him to great people, and allowed him to grow personally and professionally. And he believes Syracuse University has played a key role in his success. “SU gave me a great technical background and a lot of confidence in myself,” he says. “My leadership ability, interpersonal skills, and organizational skills were all greatly enhanced by my experiences as a student and were integral to my career progression at PwC and who I am today.”

Grateful for the relationships he formed with the accounting faculty, the skills and confidence he gained as a teaching assistant during graduate school, and the support network he’s enjoyed as an alum, Bray gives back to the Whitman School. “I’ve chosen to support the Horace J. Landry scholarship fund. Horace was a retired partner of PwC, and he came into the Syracuse office each morning,” Bray says. “It was nice to see a familiar face when I started my career.”

Bray returns to campus regularly to recruit for PwC, and he’s also committed to expanding SU’s presence in Atlanta. “Living in the southeast, there are a lot of professionals from various schools in the SEC/ACC, and they all have networks with those institutions. Growing the Syracuse network is important to me, especially as we move to the ACC,” he says. “Having a common bond creates an instant connection, and I didn’t fully value the networking aspect of a great institution like Syracuse University until I became a more seasoned professional.”

Bray never thought he’d leave central New York, but with his whole family now living in Atlanta and the ability to return to campus for work, he’s enjoying the best of everything. “Succeeding at SU led to the opportunity to work at a national firm and to explore the idea of living in various cities or even countries,” he says. “Atlanta is a great city and an amazing place to live. l wouldn’t have made it here without SU and PwC.”