Jameel Shareef ’14

Jameel ShareefGrowing up across the street from Syracuse University, Jameel Shareef ’14 dreamed of attending SU since childhood. When that dream became reality, it created opportunities beyond his expectations and made him a role model for loved ones. “Being the first male in my family to graduate from a four-year institution meant a lot. I was able to set the bar and show my family that anything can be done,” Shareef says.

Since then, more than seven years have passed, but Shareef still recalls moving onto campus the first day of his freshman year. “It felt surreal, because a lot of people in my neighborhood didn’t experience anything like that,” he says. “I felt important and ready to conquer anything that came my way.”

While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communications and rhetorical studies from the College of Visual and Peforming Arts, Shareef developed a fondness for sportswriting, and he writes for multiple platforms to this day. His years on campus also gave him a broader worldview and taught him to converse and connect with anyone.

After graduation Shareef moved to Atlanta, where he presently works for Wipro Limited, a company that processes credentialing applications for social workers, counselors, psychologists, medical doctors, nurses, and physician’s assistants. At the same time, he’s been pursuing a graduate degree in management and leadership at Western Governors University.

He’s also actively involved in alumni networking, and seeing the accomplishments of fellow SU grads motivates him to reach new professional heights—including his ultimate goal to become a general manager for the National Football League.